Growco New Orleans: Michelle and Sir Richard Branson

April 21st, 2013

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If you’ve never been to an Inc Magazine event, it’s a must attend. Growco, specifically, is a great way to grow your business by networking and by executing the plethora of knowledge given by an entrepreneurial, expert panel. This years panel, held in New Orleans, included the likes of John Mackey- Co-Founder/Co-CEO of Whole Foods, Johnny Earle-Founder/Head Chef of the quirky, not-a-bakery Johnny Cupcakes stores, Alexa Von Tobel-Founder/CEO of, Norm Brodsky-Founder Citistorage, Baratunde Thurston-Author on “How To Be Black”, along with many others.

However, the most significant speaker and “THE” Entrepreneur to see was Richard Branson. As he did an interview-style session with Eric Shurenberg Editor-In-Chief Inc., we were enthralled, intrigued, and motivated by his words of wisdom on his beginnings, his failures, his philosophy of his own businesses, and giving back. Sir Richard shared that you do not have to have any money to start a business, the biggest asset of any business is the people, and his philosophy is to have FUN!!!!!!  The most anticipated part was the Q & A and the thought of being able to have a conversation with the coolest guy on the planet. Well, I wanted more than a conversation, I wanted a photo. I was the second person chosen to ask a question and when my turn came, I confidently spoke believing I would get my wish. I kept thinking of one of Sir Richard’s sayings, “Screw it, Just do it” (which I am glad I did and didn’t listen to staff that said I probably wouldn’t get what I was going to ask for, I mean who knows when I would have another opportunity and it was staring me in the face) and I proceeded to ask my question; “Hi, my name is Michelle Esposito and I live in South Florida. My best friend does the PR for the British Virgin Islands. She has met you several times and has a photo with you. My  question is ‘Can I get MY photo with you?’” To my avail, he smiled and waved me forward so I went running and smiling, while everyone watched in amazement. As I stepped on stage, we posed for the camera and the next thing I knew I was surprisingly in Richard Branson’s arms. According to Steve Nudelberg, he had picked me up and posed for the room like I was the prize!

Good thing I listened to my gut and followed my passion,which are two of the most important characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

On the Ball presses onto Wordcamp Miami

April 10th, 2013

On the Ball presses onto Wordcamp Miami


Upon graduating from college, I assumed my days of tests, all-nighters, and classes were over. While I don’t miss those late night cram sessions and red ink scribbled across my papers, I did miss being a student. As a student, my sole responsibility was simply to learn.

This past Saturday the On the Ball thinkers, Jonathan Brownfield, Michelle Esposito and myself had the opportunity to be students again. I was pretty excited. Yes, call me a nerd, but there is something exciting about sitting in a lecture hall after graduating.

WordCamp is the opportunity to learn more about the blogging and website platform, WordPress. The conference was April 5-7 in Miami, Florida. An attendee can choose between three tracks, a users/bloggers track, designers and developers. Michelle and I resided nicely in the users track, since it was more of an introductory level. We attempted a developer class that left us extremely confused yet filled with admiration for those who understand code.

If you are new to WordPress and would like to begin blogging or website design, the On the Ball team can provide three themes during the conference. Overall, what better way to share our knowledge than through WordPress itself? verses

This was a common theme at the conference. How do you know which site is best for you? is perfect for someone looking to simply blog. The .com version does limit additional services. These services are called PlugIns. PlugIns change and enhance the functionality of your site. On the other hand, allows for plugins and more versatility. If you are interested in creating a website or a more active blog, the .org version may be better for you.

Viewing your website your mobile phone:

Before picking a theme for your WordPress site, we suggest choosing a theme that is responsive. This means that the theme can scale to any screen you are viewing, whether it is mobile, an Ipad or computer. This characteristic is often mentioned in the description of the theme.

Where to start:

In the famous words of Nike, Just Do It. In order to learn, you must first try. The WordPress site contains support articles and forums for further aid. Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

David Lucoff preparing for the 2014 PGA Championship

April 1st, 2013

It is with great sadness to announce the one-year leave of our managing partner, David Lucoff. Lucoff aspires to compete in the 2014 PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky. The tournament, starting August 4-10, 2014, will provide ample time for him to train and compete against the world’s greatest golfers including Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson.


“It has always been a dream of mine to play in the PGA Championship,” said Lucoff sheepishly. “Sometimes you have to shut one door and open another.”

Dressed in a pastel, Peter Millar shirt and shiny FootJoys, Lucoff is prepared for a challenging and exciting journey ahead. He is already planning a rigorous training schedule to enhance all aspects of his game.

Lucoff has been playing golf ever since he could remember; swinging clubs in the house at the young age of three. From bogeys to birdies, Lucoff established himself as a reputable player in South Florida.

The On the Ball team could not be more proud of our future golf champion. He will surely be missed. We look forward to his arrival back at the office with the Wanamaker Trophy in hand.

Rules of Engagement: How to get the most out of networking

March 26th, 2013


As On the Ball prepares for Eat. Drink. Think, our networking event occurring the last Tuesday of the month, we highlight the importance of these events and how to do it right. While it is nice to socialize with friends, grab a few hors d’oeuvres, and a drink, networking is about stepping out of your comfort zone and talking to those you do not know.

Steve Nudelberg, founder of On the Ball, can also be crowned the king of networking. He suggests looking around the room, picking three people and approach them with a smile, stating that you want to personally introduce yourself. At the end of the day (or should we say networking event), it’s all about quality over quantity. Having meaningful conversation with three people trumps swiftly handing out your business cards to the entire room.

Networking can open many doors for both business and personal opportunity if it is done right. Therefore, we provide five rules for a successful event:

1. Always say ‘yes.’ Network as often as possible; start out with one event a week and continue to add more events each week.

2. Resist the urge to arrive late. Yes, we know traffic is bad at 5pm so leave work a little early.

3. Start with a compliment; this is a great way to break the ice.

4. Win business for your contact. Zig Ziglar once said, “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

5. Follow Up. This is the best way to stay in touch for all future communication.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Eat.Drink.Think event occurring at the O Lounge the last Tuesday of the month. For more information on this event visit the On the Ball website at Happy networking!


Happy Birthday #Twitter!

March 22nd, 2013

#Tweet all about it!

On the Ball would like to wish Twitter a Happy Birthday. We want to thank you for the service and cannot wait to see what the future holds.  (If you’re wondering, this is exactly 140 characters.)

As Twitter blows out the candles for their 7th birthday, On the Ball gazes at the growing company much like a parent would a child.

How fast they really do grow up. Starting out small with a lot of hiccups and expanding into a child with many friends – 200 million to be exact.

It all began with the first tweet by founder Jack Dorsey, “just setting up my twttr.” 400 million tweets later, the company continues to grow and truly change the way we communicate.

With only 140 characters allotted, tweeters are subjected to keeping their message clear and concise.  Not to mention, the ability to keep everyone abreast of events at a split-second notice. In fact, many are learning of major news stories minutes before they hit newsrooms:  The New York plane crash, landing in the Hudson River was tweeted 15 minutes prior to hitting the airwaves. China’s devastating earthquake was mentioned on the site one hour before CNN reported its wake of destruction.  Even Michael Jackson’s death went viral via Twitter, trumping mainstream media.

The inception of Twitter allows news to travel faster than the speed of sound, instantly creating messages and delivering to the masses. Everyone from the President to the Pope has an active account with Justin Bieber winning the popularity contest at 36,344,549 followers. Sorry Mr.President…Justin, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna got you beat.

Twitter has become a real part of the family within On the Ball, providing our clients the opportunity to reach thousands of people with a simple tweet. Their brand would not grow without this vital forum.

And with that said, we would like to wish Twitter a Happy Birthday and we look forward to another 7 years. Who knows what will be in store at age 14.

On the Ball attends one of the largest social media conferences, SXSW

March 15th, 2013

Whether you call it South By South West, South By, or #SXSW…the town of Austin, TX turned into a Spring Break for the tech savvy during the Interactive session March 8-12. Amongst the crowd were Zack Stein and Jonathan Brownfield, two of the Thinkers from On The Ball. Overwhelmed with new technology, mobile startups, and insight from the leaders in the digital world, these were the topic of conversations taken place at hotels, food trucks, and yes, the wild parties!

Here are some take aways

Engage your fans…your REAL fans.

New technology feeds innovation

This is the year of the hardware…3D Printing trends coming alive

Brands are coming to you and Social is now the trusted source

sxsw4 sxsw3 sxsw2 sxsw1

Steve Nudelberg provides sales training for BankUnited leaders

March 5th, 2013


It was a morning of motivation.

Over 60 BankUnited managers and directors shuffled into the Signature Grand this morning. Little did they know they would leave with a blueprint to make their sales dreams into a reality.

Steve Nudelberg, Principal Thinker at On the Ball, provided a 3-hour seminar focusing on habits, positive thinking, success and sales training. His energy bounced off the walls as the attendees actively participated in discussion.

At the conclusion of the presentation, BankUnited employees had pages of notes and a strategic guide to success. Not to mention wide smiles on their faces.

While it is difficult to capture the pure emotion of Steve Nudelberg, On the Ball is able to provide the highlights of his presentation in five key points:

  1. “You will never change your life, if you don’t change your routine” claims Nudelberg. Successful people create a habit of doing successful things. Steve wakes up each morning at 3:45am to read, exercise and prepare for the day ahead.
  2. The game of life is mental. In Steve’s eyes the glass is not half full. It is half full, with room for even more opportunity. Staying positive is the key to success.
  3. “Tell everyone what you do. When you go home tonight, look to your left, look to your right.  Do your neighbors know what you do?” Always say yes to networking, and become the center of influence within your industry.
  4. Steve is a student of sales, constantly reading, learning and practicing his craft. He knows the profession is not easy. In fact, the most successful salespeople hear the most ‘No’s.’ Persistence breaks resistance.
  5. The most productive leaders work in bursts of 90 minutes then take 20 minutes to recover.

Interested in sales training for your company? Contact On the Ball for more information: or phone 954-332-2200.



Polaroid Fotobar unveils first store opening in Delray Beach

March 1st, 2013


Polaroid Fotobar’s grand opening occurs in Delray Marketplace today. Delray Beach’s mayor, Thomas Carney will be among the attendees eager to catch a glimpse of the store and liberate their stored photos and turn them into art.

The On the Ball team, friends, and family captured a sneak peak of the store last night; a beautiful design combining the nostalgic nature of Polaroid and the modern twist of an Apple retail store.   The vibe of celebration echoed through the walls as people enjoyed wine, hor d’oeuvres, and the different mediums to display their favorite photos.

On the Ball helped deliver the experience through social media using an active tweet wall, Instagram posts, and filling the Facebook newsfeed.  Amidst the still photos and the live chatter, On the Ball would like to congratulate the founder and creator of Fotobar, Warren Struhl, a man who had a vision and turned that vision into a reality.



On the Ball tweeters flock to Social Media Week

February 18th, 2013


As Social Media Week unfolds in our very backyard, On the Ball is more than excited to be apart of the digital action. In an age of online information sharing, we would like to provide a quick cliff notes version of todays forum, “Creating Compelling Content for Social Media.”

The panel discussed ways to create an engaging page. The word ‘engaging’ is key. In this panel, the participants emphasized activity is the most important factor. It is better to have a 200-person following with an active page, than a 20,000-person following with a nonactive page. Therefore, the question of the day: how do you create an active page? For a detailed account of the participants and their insight visit:

On the Ball summarized their knowledge in just 5 points:

1. Be consistent, post on a regular basis. However, be prepared for spontaneity!
2. Know your brand and what your audience is looking for.
3. Text is boring. Always include images and pictures within your posts.
4. Surprise/Delight the customer (mention your brand loyal followers)
5. Diversity, post a variety of content to keep the conversation interesting.

Love is in the air: Find out the Most Romantic States in the U.S

February 15th, 2013

Valentines Day, a mixed emotion holiday, leaving some with flowers and chocolates and others ordering-in chinese. Whether you’re feeling the love or not, you can’t avoid the Valentine’s celebration especially in a world of social media.

In fact, IQ Agency and social media analysis firm Crimson Hexagon examined 2.1 million conversation threads on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other online forums in the first two weeks of February to identify the most romantic states in the U.S.

Their original findings suggest that many of us are not keen on the holiday. 40% of posts contained a negative response to the concept of Valentines Day. Another 23% were indifferent.

So where are those birds-of-a-feather romantic couples? The number one romantic state, California. Trailing close behind is Wyoming, and coming in third, Texas.

For all those cynics out there, the least romantic states are Kentucky, Rhode Island and North Dakota. Interested in the details of each state? Read the State of the Love report at

Florida may not have come in the top three, but our Director of Account Services, Kassie, may have experienced the #1 romantic gesture. The morning of Valentines day, her husband set forth from West Palm Beach to our offices at On the Ball (Plantation, Florida). This may not sound very romantic, but this poor guy did not have access to a car. Through train, bus, walking and another bus and more walking he managed to carry a boutique of flowers and donuts through a 50 mile journey. He arrived safely to the office, with story equivalent to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Whether you had a romantic evening, or an evening like any other, On the Ball wishes you a Happy Friday and wonderful weekend!

Morgan, the most romantic man in the world, stands next to the most interesting.